Hwisec Anthem

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May 232017

anthMay God bless you O great HWISEC
Your mighty name we praise
We thank and praise the Almighty
For what He has done for us

In your radiance shall we see light
In your wisdom shall we seek knowledge
We cherish you for you are our pride
We praise and adore your name

Fear God and be wise is our Motto
We aim to achieve excellence
We shall fight and retain the good name of great HWISEC
We lift your name on high
Success, Success, Success is for you
We hail – we hail, we hail, great HWISEC
We are proud of you.

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Visiting Days

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May 232017

cvuVisitors are allowed to visit their wards between 12:00 noon and 3:00pm on the second Sunday of every month.

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PTA Projects

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May 232017

ptaThe PTA has supported the school in diverse ways: It has made the following projects:
3-unit bungalow
4-unit bungalow
4-unit semi detached bungalow
Fence wall
painting of school buildings
corn milled machine
Flour kneading machine
Gas oven for baking bread
An ongoing 12-unit one storey classroom block

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